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ldaplusplus::optimization::ArmijoLineSearch< ProblemType, ParameterType > Class Template Reference

#include <GradientDescent.hpp>

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ldaplusplus::optimization::LineSearch< ProblemType, ParameterType >

Public Types

typedef ParameterType::Scalar Scalar
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typedef ParameterType::Scalar Scalar

Public Member Functions

 ArmijoLineSearch (Scalar beta=0.001, Scalar tau=0.5)
Scalar search (const ProblemType &problem, Eigen::Ref< ParameterType > x0, const ParameterType &grad_x0, const ParameterType &direction)

Detailed Description

template<typename ProblemType, typename ParameterType>
class ldaplusplus::optimization::ArmijoLineSearch< ProblemType, ParameterType >

Armijo line search is a simple backtracking line search where the Armijo condition is required.

The Armijo condition is the following if \(p_k\) is the negative direction and \(g_k\) the gradient. In Armijo line search we search the largest \(a_k \in \{\tau^n \mid n \in \{0\} \cup \mathbb{N}\}\) for which the Armijo condition stands.

\[ f(x_k - a_k p_k) \leq f(x_k) - a_k b g_k^T p_k \]

\(f(x_k) - a_k b g_k^T p_k\) is a linear approximation of the function at \(x_k\) (scaled by \(b\)) that we assume to be the upper bound for the decrease.

In all the above \(p_k\) is assumed to be of unit length.

See Wolfe Conditions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename ProblemType , typename ParameterType >
ldaplusplus::optimization::ArmijoLineSearch< ProblemType, ParameterType >::ArmijoLineSearch ( Scalar  beta = 0.001,
Scalar  tau = 0.5 
betaThe amount of scaling to do the linear decrease
tauDefines the set of \(a_k\) to try in the line search

Member Function Documentation

template<typename ProblemType , typename ParameterType >
Scalar ldaplusplus::optimization::ArmijoLineSearch< ProblemType, ParameterType >::search ( const ProblemType &  problem,
Eigen::Ref< ParameterType >  x0,
const ParameterType &  grad_x0,
const ParameterType &  direction 

Search for a good enough function value in the direction given and the function given.

This function changes its parameter x0 which is passed by reference.

problemThe function to be minimized
x0The improved position (passed by reference)
grad_x0The gradient at the initial x0
directionThe direction of search which can be different than the gradient to account for Newton methods
The function value at the final x0

Implements ldaplusplus::optimization::LineSearch< ProblemType, ParameterType >.

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