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ldaplusplus::em::FastSupervisedEStep< Scalar > Class Template Reference

#include <FastSupervisedEStep.hpp>

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ldaplusplus::em::AbstractEStep< Scalar > ldaplusplus::em::EStepInterface< Scalar > ldaplusplus::events::EventDispatcherComposition

Public Types

enum  CWeightType { Constant = 1, ExponentialDecay }

Public Member Functions

 FastSupervisedEStep (size_t e_step_iterations=10, Scalar e_step_tolerance=1e-2, Scalar C=1, CWeightType weight_type=CWeightType::Constant, Scalar compute_likelihood=1.0, int random_state=0)
std::shared_ptr< parameters::Parametersdoc_e_step (const std::shared_ptr< corpus::Document > doc, const std::shared_ptr< parameters::Parameters > parameters) override
void e_step () override
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 AbstractEStep (int random_state)
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std::shared_ptr< EventDispatcherInterfaceget_event_dispatcher ()
void set_event_dispatcher (std::shared_ptr< EventDispatcherInterface > dispatcher)

Additional Inherited Members

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bool converged (const Eigen::Matrix< Scalar, Eigen::Dynamic, 1 > &gamma_old, const Eigen::Matrix< Scalar, Eigen::Dynamic, 1 > &gamma, Scalar tolerance)
PRNGget_prng ()

Detailed Description

template<typename Scalar>
class ldaplusplus::em::FastSupervisedEStep< Scalar >

FastSupervisedEStep implements the expectation step of fsLDA, as it is explained in our ACM MM '16 paper (to be linked when published).

Similarly to all expectation steps (e.g. SupervisedEStep, UnsupervisedEStep) we compute the values of variational parameters \(\gamma\) and \(\phi\) such that the likelihood of generating each document is maximized.

Member Enumeration Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
enum ldaplusplus::em::FastSupervisedEStep::CWeightType

CWeightType defines the methods of updating hyperparameter \(\mathcal{C}\) between expectation steps.


The hyperparameter \(\mathcal{C}\) remains unchanged, between the consecutive expectation steps.


The hyperparameter \(\mathcal{C}\) is reduced exponentially, namely in the ith e step we have \( C_i = C^i\), where \( C<1\).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
ldaplusplus::em::FastSupervisedEStep< Scalar >::FastSupervisedEStep ( size_t  e_step_iterations = 10,
Scalar  e_step_tolerance = 1e-2,
Scalar  C = 1,
CWeightType  weight_type = CWeightType::Constant,
Scalar  compute_likelihood = 1.0,
int  random_state = 0 
e_step_iterationsThe max number of times to alternate between maximizing for \(\gamma\) and for \(\phi\).
e_step_toleranceThe minimum relative change in the likelihood of generating the document.
CA hyperparameter used for the weighting of the supervised component in the update rule of \(\phi\) (see doc_e_step()).
weight_typeThe method used to update the hyperparameter C.
compute_likelihoodThe percentage of documents to compute likelihood for (1.0 means compute for every document)
random_stateAn initial seed value for any random numbers needed

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Scalar >
std::shared_ptr< parameters::Parameters > ldaplusplus::em::FastSupervisedEStep< Scalar >::doc_e_step ( const std::shared_ptr< corpus::Document doc,
const std::shared_ptr< parameters::Parameters parameters 

Maximize the ELBO w.r.t. \(\phi\) and \(\gamma\).

The following steps are the mathematics that are implemented where \(\beta\) are the over words topics distributions, \(\eta\) are the logistic regression parameters, \(i\) is the topic subscript, \(n\) is the word subscript, \(\hat{y}\) is the class subscript, \(y\) is the document's class, \(w_n\) is nth word vocabulary index, \(\alpha\) is the Dirichlet prior and finally \(\Psi(\cdot)\) is the first derivative of the \(\log \Gamma\) function.

  1. Repeat until convergence of \(\gamma\).
  2. Compute \( s = softmax\left( \frac{1}{N} \sum_{n=1}^N \phi_n, \eta \right)\)
  3. Compute \(\phi_{ni} \propto \beta_{iw_n} \exp\left( \Psi(\gamma_i) + \frac{C}{max(\eta)} \left(\eta_{yi} - \sum_{\hat{y}=1}^C s_{\hat{y}}\eta_{yi} \right) \right)\)
  4. Compute \(\gamma_i = \alpha_i + \sum_n^N \phi_{ni} \)
docA single document.
parametersAn instance of class Parameters, which contains all necessary model parameters for e-step's implementation.
The variational parameters for the current model, after one expecation step is completed.

Implements ldaplusplus::em::EStepInterface< Scalar >.

template<typename Scalar >
void ldaplusplus::em::FastSupervisedEStep< Scalar >::e_step ( )

Count how many epochs have already passed, in order to suitably adjust the value of \(\mathcal{C}\) hyperparameter, when CWeightType::ExponentialDecay method is selected.

Reimplemented from ldaplusplus::em::AbstractEStep< Scalar >.

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